Monday, 23 June 2014

LUCKY WIFI FISH FINDER- Fishing Mix with Technology

Gone are the days that you are waiting for couple of hours in front of the lake or the sea just to catch fish, because with just one click you can  easily find the location of the fish using a fish finder. But what happens if you can use your IPHONE, IPAD or other intelligent device to know the location of the fish? Today with the fast approaching technology that scenario is not hard to achieve.

Lucky is introducing a new model of fish finder, FF-916 Wireless WIFI Fishfinder. This WiFi Fish Finder operates using sonar technology. The WiFi transducer sends out a sound wave signal while the returned "echoes" are transmitted to any digital device via WiFi connection. With this fish finder, you can easily find out important information regarding the underwater depth, water temperature, bottom contour, ad most importantly the fish location.

One of the best advantage of this device is that you don’t need cell phone coverage to use it since your phone connects via wifi with the WiFi transmitter and the application is easy to download on your appstore. The wifi range coverage is up to 50M and can be connected to a maximum of 5 devices, but only one can be operated at a time.You can use it anywhere, and even cast it out into the water.  

 You will see on the photo how would it would looks like on your phone. you wil see the depth of water, water temperature, depth of fish, even the size of fish whether it's big or small. 

While the next image will show you the interface of the application when you have already downloaded it on your phone. You may click the active button for you to be able to use the Fish Finder already or you may check the demonstration mode to have an idea how the fish finder works. If you will choose Parameter setting, you can set the settings of the fish finder and even choose the Language.  FYI, this Fish Finder is available in English and Russian Language.

It is the ultimate in mobility when it comes to fish finders. If you are the techie type of person this device fits you perfectly. If you want to know more about this amazing item please check the link below. Happy Fishing!

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